California Update 08/22/14

So, a few people have asked me so far, “hey Colin, how’s California?” and I’m writing this now to tell you how everything is. 

Short & sweet version: amazing. 

Longer & more in depth (I hope you actually read this version) version: 

I, accompanied by my good friend Nathan Copes moved to San Diego, California. For those who know the areas of San Diego, Pacific Beach (or as the locals call it, PB). I honestly took a shot in the dark moving here because I had never been to California, but I mean…It’s California it can’t be that bad can it? It’s amazing! The weather is consistently amazing, little clouds, 75-80 degree temperature, not too humid, no rain, everything you could want. The apartment we moved in to is much bigger than I had anticipated which always a great thing. Sleeping on air mattresses is really not even a problem for me, it’s surprisingly comfortable and my personal air mattress might just be bigger than my bed was… maybe. Oh! another random thing I like about the apartment is there are like 20 outlets throughout the place! Like literally, who needs this many outlets!? Well, we got all settled in, bought a few necessities, and then an iron. Can’t have wrinkled clothes! Big Lots was the place to go for plates/bowls. Clearance section: 25 cents each! like damn! 

Oh, also, before we even got to our apartment, we hit up In n’ Out, that place is BOMB! always packed and for a good reason, the food is delicious. Del Taco also does 3 tacos for a dollar on Tuesdays and Thursdays, who can say no to 3 tacos for a dollar?!

We also got longboards which are not only fun to ride but incredibly handy to use for transportation. Living right by the bay/beach, there’s tons of places for us to ride around and explore. 

The only “problem” I’d say we have is that jobs are kinda tricky to find here. We’ve applied to dozens of places and they either say they’ll call back and usually don’t or say they’re interested with no call back. I think as of now we are starting to get some good leads on jobs but man, it’s a lot harder than I thought! 

For all those in CT, you may know Trader Joe’s, they have one here and they sell bananas for 19 CENTS!!! WHAT?! that’s five bananas for one single dollar. less actually. So Nathan came up with the “Banana Factor” which is, when we go to buy something like food at a fast food restaurant, you think “I could have this 3 dollar sandwich…or 15 bananas” and let me tell you, bananas always win. It actually helps cut down on stupid spending. 

The past few nights our dinners have consisted of 1. chicken with this bomb seasoning, rice and zucchini 2. Good ole Mac and Cheese or 3. the newest one: crepes. we bought stuff to make crepes and oh wow, they are delicious. Nutella strawberries bananas peanut butter whipped cream oh my. 

WAIT! hold up, Nathan puts his peanut butter in the fridge… WHO THE HELL DOES THAT?! I always take it out cause that isn’t right…

Anyways, back to rambling! San Diego is an absolutely beautiful place and I couldn’t be happier choosing to live here. There’s loads of other funny stories like “Erika is a concept” and “Hobbitsis” but I’ll spare you the details, for now at least.  

I have been using my camera, but I don’t have my computer out here just yet, so I can’t do very much except work with the photos I already have on my website/on my google drive. Thank you for whoever is reading this, for reading this; you’re awesome!  

Much Love,  


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Camp 4 breakfast
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Counterparts // The Constant

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I want to explore you like a map if it’s possible.


This is why I love Parkway Drive shows.
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Kinfolk Style Wedding

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to have a laugh with the person you love is such an amazing feeling